Thursday, July 1, 2010

Classification of Fraction

Let Us Learn About Fraction and Classification of Fraction.

The word fraction has been derived from the Latin word fractus, means broken

A Fraction means a part of a group or a region or a whole.

Lets take a apple and cut it into 2 piece

2/4 obtained when we divide a whole apple into 4 equal parts

Now let us cut apple into 10 pieces

10/4 obtained when we divide a whole apple into 10 equal parts

Classification of fractions:

Fractions are classified into:

(i) Decimal fractions

(ii) Vulgar fractions

(iii) Proper fractions

(iv) Improper fractions

(v) Mixed Fractions

(vi) Like fractions

(vii) Unlike fractions

In our next blog we shall learn on Decimal Fraction.

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