Monday, November 19, 2012

Introduction of Coins as Money

Money is the only factor which every single works for and in this materialistic world one can buy anything and everything with money. Money can be termed as an essential factor for living in today’s world. There can never be a question What Coins are Worth Money since even a penny makes something complete. There are people in this world who seek for the same coin which many take it for granted and leave behind. To understand the worth of a penny one should know What is Money and the answer for that will explain and serve the purpose.

Coins are of different value according the number valued on it. Money Coins are of different size and of different value. Today, these coins are valued more, that is their value is increased earlier there has been just a low value coin and now the government has started providing coins of high value. The value of a coin can be well explained by a beggar who begs for a penny to get his / her breakfast. A coin lost will make the person understand the worth and value of it.

Coins are actually better for blind people, since it is made of steel and can be felt and sense the value of the coin just by touching it. Money Coins Pictures actually help in serving the above usage to avoid duplicate coins when given to a blind person. The best part is, a blind person can find out the money note the difference between duplicate and original.

The above is the advantage of coins, but there are disadvantages in using the coins. The coins are very small in size and it is possible for a person to lose the same out of negligence. And they make the wallet filled up and often spoil the wallet when piled up and not used. There are people who think that it is cheap if they use a coin to buy things in their daily life. The importance of coin is realized in bus when the ticket conductor has no change and we are forced to get down of the bus. The irritation increases when the same bus conductor takes some coins worth .50 or 1 rupee since he has no change to provide the passenger. The coin is good and very important to a section of people and another part take it for granted.

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