Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Word Problems on Subtraction

Word problem is a very important concept of basic mathematics. A Word problem is nothing but a textual representation of a mathematical operation. Word problems are usually used to solve a problem easily. Word problems can be on all four operations of mathematics including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Let’s have a look at word problems on subtraction.
Word problem on subtraction is nothing but a text representation of subtraction. For example: Rohan bought 6 toys from Melissa & Doug brand. He gave 2 Melissa & Doug toys to Sam’s child and kept the others for his son. How many toys is he left with? This word problem is a text representation of mathematical problem (6 toys – 2 toys =?).

Solving word problems on subtraction:

Solving word problems on subtraction includes certain steps.  Firstly, both the numbers to be subtracted needs to be identified. Secondly, the word problem needs to be converted to a mathematical expression and finally, the number needs to be subtracted. For example: Mohan gifts three maternity wear from Mother Care India brand to his wife. His wife gives one of the Mother Care India maternity wear to her friend. How many maternity wear does Mohan’s wife now? Identifying the numbers, we get 3 maternity wear and 1 maternity wear. Converting the word problem to a mathematical expression and then subtracting, (3-1 = 2). Thus, the answer is 2 maternity wear.

Examples of Word Problems on Subtraction:

1. Philip has bought five fun toys from baby store India online collection. He gave two toys to Rohan’s son and kept one for his own son. How many toys from baby store India online does his son get?
Answer: 5 toys – 2 toys
(5-2) = 3 toys.
2. There are 18 Angry Bird toys in a basket. 7 Angry Bird toys were given to Mohan and 2 toys to Divya. How many Angry Bird toys were there in the basket after giving toys to Mohan and Divya?
Answer: 18 Angry Bird toys – 7 Angry Bird toys – 2 toys
(18-7-2) = 9 toys.
These are some basic examples on word problems on subtraction.

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