Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Concept of Simplification of Radicals

Various concepts are used in mathematics. Radicals are also one among them. They can also be represented with the help of a symbol. Basically they are used to represent the root of a number. The number can from the various number systems in mathematics. There are various number systems in mathematics.

The natural number system, whole number system, integer number system and real number system are some of them. There can also be irrational numbers and also complex numbers. The complex numbers have a real part and an imaginary part attached to them.

Do they are said to be complex numbers. The operations that are performed on real numbers like addition and subtraction can also be performed on the complex numbers as well. But to perform these operations one must be clear with the concept of the complex numbers.

The next question that arises is how do you simplify radicals in mathematics. The radicals have to be simplified in order to arrive at the final answer. The process to simplify radicals is quite simple. The root that has been applied to a number can be a square root, cube root and so on.

Sometimes fourth root can also be used. The number inside the square root symbol must be present two times then it can be taken out of the square root symbol. In case of cube root symbol it should be three times and in the case of the fourth root it should four times and so on.

In simplifying radicals practice is required; otherwise it becomes very tough to solve the problems. In mathematics practice is very important otherwise it will be very difficult to arrive at the final answer. Many mistakes can also be committed en-route to the answer. This can be avoided by proper practice.

There can questions to simplify radicals with variables like the simplification of normal radicals. The process is quite similar to the process of simplification of the radicals of the normal nature. Only proper practice can help one to reach at the right answer. There can be signs that can be used before the radical symbol.

The signs can be positive or negative in nature. Depending on the sign preceding the radical symbol the answer also changes. The positive denotes a positive number and a negative sign denotes a negative number. The magnitude also plays a very important role.

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